Career Services

School of International and Public Affairs

The Career Services offices are located on the main floor of SIPA at Columbia University, adjacent to an active public corridor and an exterior courtyard.

These offices serve as a crucial resource for students, and their location along a primary circulation spine required an innovative use of transparent and translucent materials to keep them visually connected and day lit while still affording the interior spaces some privacy. Acoustically rated windows with varied degrees of transparency were used along the length of the offices to provide light and controlled views to the outside. Interior offices have a related visual treatment, with views of the sky through multiple layers of interior glazing.


New York, NY


Columbia University




1,800 sqft

MFA Design Team

Scott Marble, Karen Fairbanks, Jake Nishimura, Stacey Jacovini

Metal Fabrication

Product & Design

General Contractor

Ideal Interiors


Gregory Goode Photography