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Edited by Scott Marble / 2012

Digital Workflows in Architecture: Design-Assembly-Industry


Edited by Mark Burry and Jane Burry / 2016

Prototyping for Architects


Edited by Richard Garber / 2009

Closing the Gap: Information Models in Contemporary Design Practice


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Edited by Luke Bulman / 2005

Marble Fairbanks: Bootstrapping


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“Bomb squad building, verdant library, and others score NYC design awards“

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Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center

The Architect’s Newspaper
“Bomb squad building, verdant library, and others score NYC design awards“
“Evolution for Libraries in Brooklyn“

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Re-envisioning Branch Libraries

The New York Times
“Evolution for Libraries in Brooklyn“
Masterpieces: Library Architecture + Design

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Glen Oaks Branch Library

Masterpieces: Library Architecture + Design
“A Supergraphic Made with Daylight“

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Glen Oaks Branch Library

“A Supergraphic Made of Daylight“
“Seeing the Light“

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Glen Oaks Branch Library

Architectural Record
“Seeing the Light“
We Build the City

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The Schomburg Center, Glen Oaks Branch Library

We Build the City: NYC’s Design + Construction Excellence Program
Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture

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Glen Oaks Branch Library

Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture

Selected Publications


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