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 A “New” Library in East New York

November 15, 2023

Our work with MASS Design Group continues on the design of a new building for the New Lots Library in East New York. We are now in Schematic Design, working closely with Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) and the community to explore opportunities to transform and expand the branch to better serve its present-day patrons as well as future generations. Sited near a historic African Burial Ground housing the remains of enslaved individuals, the design will have an emphasis on learning from the past to inform the future, interwoven with narratives of social activism, education, community, and restorative justice.

The New Lots library is one of the largest libraries in the BPL system, offering a diverse array of programs for all ages. Also a hub for educational adult learning programs, the library is one of five across the Brooklyn Public Library system that has a dedicated Adult Learning Center, catering to individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Over the past year, the branch hosted around 2,500 programs and welcomed over 168,000 visitors.