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Here to There: Lecture and Exhibition

September 18, 2015

On Wednesday, Scott delivered his introductory lecture at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture titled HERE TO THERE, a journey through a cross section of projects by Marble Fairbanks. The projects are new and old, large and small, built and unbuilt. The accompanying video exhibition includes this wide range of projects and explores each at a depth that makes apparent the collapse of architectural research and practice

Our exhibition HERE TO THERE is showing for the next three weeks in Georgia Tech’s Stubbins Gallery. This exhibition is unique for us in two ways. First, it opens an unprecedented window in the behind-the scene processes of the firm, from commuting to construction. Second, this exhibition is itself a collapse of research and production. Preparing an exhibition is no slight undertaking, but within the process it has been an opportunity to explore new forms of communication and speculate about their application to future work.