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Marble Fairbanks Library Featured in one of Urban Omnibus’ top articles of 2021

December 30, 2021

In their last newsletter of 2021, Urban Omnibus named Jason and Acacia Thompson’s virtual tour of Greenpoint Library & Environmental Education Center one of their top articles of the year. Throughout the tour, Jason and Acacia, the Brooklyn Public Library System’s first Environmental Justice Coordinator, discuss the site’s unique history, highlight details of the library’s programming, and discuss the significance of the library within the community as an institution that promotes environmental awareness, education, and activism. Jason noted:
“Why we chose certain materials, why we oriented the building a certain way, why we chose the plants that we chose: we wanted to tell a story. In a lot of these cases, there are actually plaques on the walls and on the glass that describe what’s going on, so that people can understand why things were done the way they were done.”

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