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Project Update: Charlestown Navy Yard Gateway Center

July 18, 2023

Continuing our work at the Charlestown Navy Yard, we are currently in Schematic Design for the Gateway Center as we explore exciting opportunities for an enhanced visitor experience at the new welcome center. Located on a culturally significant site, the new building will serve as an anchor point of the Freedom Trail, a pathway that winds its way through historic landmarks in Boston. It will house the National Parks of Boston Orientation Center and the USS Constitution Museum, one of Boston’s most frequently visited museums.

The new center will include expanded outdoor space, museum and exhibition space, theater space, an observation deck, and unique 360 degree views of the harbor and surrounding cityscape. Integrating the interior activities of the building with the historic and cultural importance of its site, the design will provide a unique destination that welcomes visitors to the Boston Harbor and sparks curiosity in the rich shared history of the Charlestown Navy Yard, National Parks of Boston, and City of Boston.