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Scott is an Invited Contributor in Thom Mayne and Morphosis’ Recently Released Book

February 28, 2023

Scott is an invited contributor in Thom Mayne’s newly released book, M3: Modeled Works [Archive] 1972-2022. A retrospective on the work of Thom Mayne and Morphosis, the book is a compilation of models that precede their built projects, and includes commentary from a range of practicing architects, architecture critics, and architecture historians.

Scott contributed commentary on workflows between digital and physical modeling regarding the Phare Tower, and Morphosis’ section models:

“The shift from hand-built to 3D printed models introduced a more integrated workflow between digital and physical modeling and, with the relative ease of output, increased rapid iterative modeling at multiple scales from overall building models, as they now have a closer link to the fabrication of actual building parts, building assemblies, and construction sequencing as seen in the various types and scales of models for the Phare Tower.” Pages 429-431.

“Morphosis is known for their section models, and in many cases there seems to be very little hierarchy between the section cut and 3D form, but it is not obvious which came first. This goes back to the Paris expo Architecture et Utopie Competition model with roll-out sections and continues with more recent models for the Orange County Museum of Art, built on linear tracks with multiple slices that can be slid together to form a whole or pulled apart as discrete and independent models. Unlike digital models where sections are often simply an output from a 3D object, in Morphosis’ physical models, sections often appear to be the input that drives the physical 3D object.” Pages 832-834.