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Karen Discusses Public Library Design in the Architectural League’s Lecture Series, Current Work: Revisiting Branch Libraries

March 14, 2024

Karen recently spoke as a panelist in the Architectural League of New York’s lecture series, Current Work: Revisiting Branch Libraries. Marking 10 years since the completion of the Architectural League’s Re-envisioning Branch Libraries study, this lecture explored approaches to accessibility as public libraries continue to evolve through the current work of the firms that led the Re-envisioning Branch Libraries study in 2014. Additional panel speakers included Andrew Berman of Andrew Berman Architect, and Stella Betts and David Leven of LEVENBETTS. The panel was moderated by Leah Meisterlin.

Our 2014 Re-envisioning Branch Libraries study analyzed the 207 branch libraries within the New York Public Library system, Queens Library system, and the Brooklyn Public Library system looking at data related to public and social infrastructure, demographics, growth, and resiliency. The study also included a proposal for a new co-development opportunity that includes library space, affordable housing, and retail space. Read more about the Re-envisioning Branch Libraries project here.

Image courtesy of @archleague on Instagram