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Urban Dove Team Charter School

Urban Dove Team Charter School is a unique and innovative alternative sports-based high school for over-aged, under-credited youth that combines a rigorous academic curriculum with a hands-on, real-world vocational program.

Following the development of a strategic plan for Urban Dove to expand across all NYC boroughs, Marble Fairbanks designed a team charter school in Brooklyn as a renovation to an existing building. Unique to Urban Dove schools, each student is part of a team with their own coach who offers extra curriculum support and sports and fitness instruction. A gymnasium, training rooms, and extra fitness spaces complement traditional classroom learning, and access to outdoor fields is an important criterion for building sites. Various scenarios were developed within the strategic plan including for the school to be part of a new development project, to be the sole tenant in an existing building, or to be a tenant within a larger renovation project.


As part of our long-standing relationship with Urban Dove, we’ve worked on other design projects including the development of a graphic identity for the school that can be easily replicated in new spaces as Urban Dove expands. The recent renovation for their Brooklyn-based school included repurposing an auditorium into a gymnasium, incorporating the custom graphic identity which has been strategically applied in their Bronx school. The Urban Dove model has proved to be highly successful, and we continue to advise as they expand their services.



Brooklyn, New York


Urban Dove Team Charter School



MFA Design Team

Karen Fairbanks, Scott Marble, Tanya Gershon, Jason Roberts, Chris Allen, Victor Ohene, Camille Esquivel, Spenser Krut, Ravipa Ramyarupa, Katie Shima

Structural Engineers

A Degree of Freedom

MEP/FP Engineers

Setty & Associates